Former FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith Sentenced To Probation


It appears disgraced former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith put his money on the Deep State and bet on the right horse.

The two-tier justice system showed it is alive and well on Friday when DC District Judge James Boasberg, who is sitting in judgement of this case despite currently heading the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISC] imposed sentence. Boasberg sentenced Clinesmith to 12 months probation, 400 hours community service, a $100 fine, but gave Clinesmith a complete pass on jail time.

Clinesmith is the FBI attorney who Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz revealed altered an email from the CIA to the FBI adding the words “and not a source” completely flipping the context from “Dr. Carter Page is a US Naval Academy graduate and a CIA asset who helped the US Government capture and convict Russian spies in the past” to “the CIA has never worked directly with this person, therefore he must be secretly working with Putin to help Trump steal the 2016 election, and we need to spy on him and destroy his life.”

From DOJ’s indictment of Kevin Clinesmith as part of the Durham Investigation

Clinesmith’s attorney repeated his client’s dubious claim that he altered the document to add clarification, not to change it 180 degrees from its actual meaning … it was just a simple, but tragic mistake. This from the same individual IG Horowitz revealed messaged his FBI colleagues after the 2016 election, when asked if he was going to leave the FBI rather than work for Trump, responded, “Hell no … Viva le resistance“.

From IG Horowitz’s report of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

Government prosecutors aggressively pushed back against the claim pointing out Clinesmith never corrected the record despite numerous renewal applications for the FISA warrant to spy on Page and repeatedly removed other communications between himself and the CIA Liaison clarifying Page was in fact a source. Prosecutors also pointed to other incriminating statements Clinesmith made while continuing to coverup the alteration amid fears he would be caught. For example, when he stated, “at least we don’t have to have a terrible footnote” after learning he would not need to include a footnote in a follow up FISA renewal application and make the embarrassing disclose Page true status.

Incredulously, Judge Boasberg seemed to side with Clinesmith’s version of events stating he believed it was an honest mistake and Clinesmith had not intended any malice when making the alteration. The judgement by Boasberg is laughable on its face as that is not the crime Clinesmith was charged with or plead guilty to. If Boasberg determined Clinesmith truly believed he had only made a clerical error, the judge should have rejected the plea agreement or dismissed the case outright because typos are not a criminal act.

From DOJ’s indictment of Kevin Clinesmith as part of the Durham Investigation

Once again, there is clearly no accountability for blatant criminal acts by FBI and DOJ officials. Today’s decision will now give the greenlight to the irredeemably corrupt FBI and DOJ already showing signs of going off the rails under the Biden administration, using every tool at their disposal (legal or otherwise) to target conservatives and crush political dissent … because why the heck wouldn’t they? ??‍♂️

Tucker Carlson and The NY Times On Douglass Mackey’s arrest by the FBI for posting Memes

Whatever faith conservatives still had in the US Justice System is now all but gone. “Equal Justice Under The Law” is on life-support and Lady Justice is fading fast.

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