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Tucker was let go from Fox News before this footage was aired, and it is only now coming to light. Someone leaked it to “The National Pulse“. Unfortunately, the sound quality is poor, so, it might be a little bit of a struggle to understand the videos.

Steven Sund was the Capitol Hill Police Chief when the January 6th protest went down. As police chief, he reported to Nancy Pelosi’s office and specifically to Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives Paul Irving. Prior to the protest, on January 4th, Capitol Hill Police Chief Sund had requested National Guard support, but Irving turned him down saying that he (Irving) was concerned about the bad optics having the National Guard there would provide. Prior to this, Pelosi had condemned the presence of federal troops when it came to the George Floyd/BLM riots. These were real riots where 60 Secret Service members were injured.

2:54 minute interview with Steven Sund. Sund says that he was not allowed to do his job, and that there appears to be a cover up of events that led up to January 6th.
In this video, Sund claims that the FBI did not reveal to him that they (the FBI) had undercover operatives in the crowd. Sund thought, “They would have told me.” But then, it turned out to be true and the FBI did not let him know. The GAO report claims the FBI had 18 operatives there.

In addition to having FBI operatives there, DHS is also now admitting that they had HSI Special Agents in plain clothes there too. On top of it, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and her son-in-law were there at the protest. The son-in-law, Michiel Vos, even took a picture with Jake Angeli (aka Jacob Chansley), the horned Shaman.

The fake news has tried to discredit the photo by admitting it was real, but claiming that Vos was just there in his role as a reporter. As if being a reporter is grounds for all sorts of other behavior. It would be interesting to see if there are any phone calls between Alexandra Pelosi, Vos and Nancy Pelosi or Nancy’s office to coordinate things. That’s probably something we will never know. What isn’t in doubt is that the Shaman appeared to have received a Capitol Police escort around the Senate floor. Was this before or after his chance encounter with Vos? It’s not so far fetched to speculate that the Shaman’s outrageous garb made him perfect for a photo op on the floor of the Senate and that he was given an escort for that reason.

Fast forward the above video to minute 41:00. Tucker Carlson questions Sund on what military intelligence knew and was willing to share.

In the above video, without naming him, Tucker clearly brings up Ray Epps (why didn’t he just name Epps?). Epps was encouraging lawbreaking, but was strangely never charged. The January 6th Committee was adamant that Epps was not working with law enforcement. However, as Tucker correctly points out and that I pointed out in my previous article on Ray Epps, Epps could have been working with one of a myriad of different intelligence agencies including, but not limited to military intelligence. It was awfully strange that New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg said that “You need sources from within to dig into those places [intelligence agencies]. Especially, over at the CIA and NSA, if you work there, you get polygraphed, and you’re asked if you’ve spoken to a reporter. If your answer is anything but no, you are in deep trouble. So, I’ve been talking to former people who are talking to people who are still in [CIA/NSA].” (See the video in my article I linked to).

As I previously said, just because Ray Epps wasn’t working for the FBI doesn’t mean he wasn’t working for Naval Intelligence or someone else. (Yes, it is terribly difficult being right about so many things. It’s a burden really).

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