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Joe Biden Announces Kamala Harris as Running Mate

After much speculation based on sweeping changes being made to her Wikipedia page and an unintended spill of the beans by Politico four days...

Biden Cans Plans for In-Person Acceptance of Democratic Nomination

Another day, another dodge of public appearances by democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, fueling speculation that the former Vice President is avoiding the spotlight...

Politico Announces Biden’s Running Mate Days Before Biden Does

Politico made a boo boo. They published a bio of Kamala Harris, where they state she is Joe Biden's running mate, and was...

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page is Being Scrubbed of Her Hard-on-Crime Stance

At least one highly dedicated editor has been scrubbing controversial portions of Kamala Harris’s “tough-on-crime” record from her Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is widely known...