A Terrifying Increase


According to ZeroHedge, Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64: https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/life-insurance-ceo-says-deaths-40-among-those-aged-18-64-and-not-because-covid

These deaths are NOT all due to Covid-19. Regardless, the increase is terrifying.

Looking back to when America was locked down last year, I know the police scanners were overrun with overdose after overdose. Americans were literally killing themselves. This is a tragedy. Suicides have been up. Cancer, divorce, crime, the horrid things we DON’T want increased have skyrocketed during this pandemic.

Let’s face it; Covid-19 isn’t America’s only germ. The video below predates the Trump administration, however, it gives an insightful analysis of how division spreads that’s fitting for today. It’ll only take six minutes of your life to watch:

Our country is completely infected with thought germs of division, hopelessness, and discontent.  

So, what can we do?

Here’s my thought germ:

Perhaps we need to stop looking at politicians and federal agencies to cure all of our problems.

Maybe it’s time to look at ourselves and our communities for the solutions.

If you know someone is alone, don’t let them fall by the wayside into another statistic. Call them.  

You never know, they may have a need that you’re able to provide. Perhaps they need to see a doctor, but are too scared to go alone. Perhaps they’ve been fired. The possibilities for how you can help the people in your life are endless: A connection for a job interview, a recommendation for a church, an uplifting quote, more importantly, your time.

Love isn’t watching the media. Love isn’t a protest. Love isn’t a vote. Love is giving without the expectation of a return. You can’t exactly do that to a screen. You can’t truly love the images off your phone. However, you can love your family. You can love your neighbors. You can love your countrymen in very simple ways. Be polite in the stores. Drive like your father is watching (He is), don’t take a single moment for granted. Most of all stop stereotyping people.

I remember watching the Twin Towers fall. It hurt so badly to see my fellow Americans die. I didn’t care what they looked like. What their race, gender, religion or lack thereof could have been. None of that mattered.  When I watched people fall from the roof before the towers collapsed, I didn’t see political party, race, ideology, or status. All I saw was that they were human. For me, that was enough. I never met them, but I loved them. It was painful seeing them die. Covid-19, the disease AND it’s response have killed more than that awful day in 2001. It’s painful knowing so many Americans have died. The last thing we should do, is dishonor their loss by saying they deserved to die. Yet, here in America it’s spewed on the MSM both left and right that people deserve to die for xyz, you name the reason, there are thousands of them. It’s wrong. It’s evil. It’s hatred.

One hate doesn’t justify another anymore than one hate cures another.

The only cure for hate is love.

In the article I referenced, the main cause for the increase of death isn’t listed. I can’t speculate, but I know that no form of life does well in an environment filled with hate.

If we’re ‘all in this together,’ we’d better learn to increase our capacity to love. America needs it.   

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Christian, Cherokee, Mom, Army Wife, Patriotic American. Author of The War Torn Trilogy, available on Amazon. Follow me on Parler @KimberlyHumphreys

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Christian, Cherokee, Mom, Army Wife, Patriotic American. Author of The War Torn Trilogy, available on Amazon. Follow me on Parler @KimberlyHumphreys