Joe Biden Proposes Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Illegals Healthcare


Joe Biden is currently dominating the Democratic primary. He’s entered the race and promptly doubled up Bernie Sanders, who was supposed to be performing much better than he has. This led Sanders to team up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to let us know that post offices should now give up subprime loans, because what could possibly go wrong?

While Biden has an easy path to victory against his fellow Democrats if he just monopolizes the “moderate” lane, he apparently thinks he’s needs to out crazy his opponents, which admittedly is tough to do. This is the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a California Democrat, not a guy hoping to take back the mid-west by winning blue collar voters.

Regardless of how humane someone may think this statement is, it’s objectively insane. We can not possibly afford to provide healthcare to illegal immigrants, who are now crossing in massive numbers each month. It’s also something that would produce a magnet effect, drawing even more to break our laws. That means more human smuggling, more sexual assaults, and more deaths of children making the journey. Biden’s position is actually a pretty terrible one to take.

Worse, it’s asking law abiding Americans who are already struggling to pay for their own healthcare to pay even more for those who can’t even respect our laws enough to enter legally.

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