Lt. Col Alexander Vindman Announces Retirement From Military Service


Star impeachment witness for Adam Schiff, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, just announced his retirement from the military. Apparently, the Iraq war veteran, with 21 years of military service, can no longer handle the ‘bullying, intimidation and retaliation’ from President Trump, according to Vindman’s attorney, David Pressman.

Vindman’s legal team claims that he was due for a promotion which was being hampered by the White House. Vindman believes that his future “will forever be limited” due to Trump’s alleged recrimination. Achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 21 years, by all measures is considered a fast track to his position according to our military sources. Before the announcement, Vindman had planned to attend the National War College.

According to The Hill, government officials expressed concern that Trump would block Vindman’s promotion to full colonel because of his actions during the impeachment inquiry. Pressman did not explicitly accuse the White House of intervening in the promotion process.

Pressman said.

The President of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: Between adhering to the law or pleasing a President. Between honoring his oath or protecting his career. Between protecting his promotion or the promotion of his fellow soldiers. These are choices that no one in the United States should confront, especially one who has dedicated his life to serving it.

White House officials have made no comment about the announcement as of this writing.

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