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Kyle Rittenhouse Released On Bail Thanks to Famous Donors, Community

Screen grab from Lin Wood

Attorney Lin Wood, who has represented several high profile people including Nick Sandmann and now the President, reported yesterday that Kyle Rittenhouse, of Antioch, Il, was released from Jail on $2 Million bail.

Lin Wood thanked the many people that donated to a fund to raise money for Kyle, in a tweet. Wood singled out actor Ricky Schroder, of Silver Spoons fame. TMZ reported that Mike Lindell, owner of My Pillow and Trump ally, for donating $50,000 to help reach the $2 million mark.

Funds were predominantly collected through the #Fightback fund, started by Lin Wood to help pay bail and legal fees. Schroder alone donated $150k to help the Rittenhouse family get the funds needed to bring their son home. Wisconsin requires that bail be met in full with cash funds, unlike many places where only 10% of bail is required and a bail bondsman guarantees the remaining 90% of the funds. It was a difficult feat to accomplish for the Rittenhouse family, and was only met through generous donations from family, friends and supporters of young Kyle.

Sargent David Right said Kyle was released around 2:00 PM local time on Friday, from the Kenosha County Jail when the cash bail was posted.

The 17-year old has been charged with murder for the alleged shooting of two men, and wounding of a third with his AR-15 after they attacked him during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle has been in police custody for two months.

Kyle has become somewhat of a folk hero to many on the right as a symbol for fighting against the non-stop leftist BLM and Antifa riots going on in many major U.S. cities.

Rittenhouse’s court hearing is set for December 3rd. His lawyers argue acted in self defense during violent rioting sparked by the police shooting of Jacob Blake a few days prior to the incident.

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