Wisconsin Joins Multiple GOP Electors in Casting Vote for Trump-Pence

It’s been a busy morning for the electors in each state as they’ve cast their votes. Supporters of Donald Trump have been on pins and needles awaiting the news of which states will be brave enough to send their own electors. And the ‘swindle’ states, where clear evidence of massive voter fraud is now undeniable, have stepped up to the plate and are hitting a home run.

Wisconsin is the latest state to send GOP electors for the Trump-Pence ticket. The GOP electors met at the capitol to cast their votes. Republican GOP Chairman Andrew Hitt said the decision was a procedural vote similar to Pennsylvania’s and was designed,

to preserve our role in the electoral process while the final outcome is still pending in the courts.

As reported this morning Nevada has sent 6 electors for Trump/Pence, GA is in process and Pennsylvania has also sent alternate electors. Michigan GOP electors were locked out of the vote when it was learned they would cast votes for Trump. They are thus likely to also send their own electors.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may just have a contested election.

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