Tennessee Newspaper Prints Ad Predicting Doomsday Attack On Nashville


The Tennessean newspaper published an advertisement that claims an Islamic group will detonate a nuclear device in Nashville next month. Th full page ad was paid for by the Future For America, a biblical prophecy group, and appeared in Sunday’s edition of the newspaper.


The ad claims depicts President Trump with the Pope, and claims that Trump “is the final president of the USA.” The ad then went on to describe sketchy details of the impending attack. The group had run an ad in Wednesday’s edition of the paper which sought to warn Tennesseans so they could make “decisions intelligently.’

The Tennessean responded in a post on their website stating that the ad violated their policy of hate speech. Editorial staff said the ad ran because the news division and sales departments are run independently.

ABC News reported that Vice President and Editor Michael A. Anastasi said,

Clearly there was a breakdown in the normal processes, which call for careful scrutiny of our advertising content…The ad is horrific and is utterly indefensible in all circumstances. It is wrong, period, and should have never been published,” he said. “It has hurt members of our community and our own employees and that saddens me beyond belief. It is inconsistent with everything The Tennessean as an institution stands and has stood for

The ad has been removed and will not run in future editions of the paper.

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