Squarespace Removes Website of Group Behind Viral HCQ Video


No doubt you’ve heard of the video of the front-line doctors who gave a lengthy discussion on HCQ and various other issues surrounding the coronavirus in at the Supreme Court building yesterday. Yes, the one which shows actual doctors talking about how HCQ is helping their patients and that no one has to die from the virus. Yes, the same one that Donald Trump Jr. had his Twitter account suspended over and the one that you can’t find on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, because they keep taking it down.

The participants in the video were front line doctors who actually treat patients who have Covid 19. Their plea to Americans was that of enlighting then publich on the smear campaign against hydroxycloroquine as an effective cure for the virus.


The video was created by a group called AmericasFrontLineDoctors.com, recently registered their domain name, which was hosted by Squarespace. One of the founder of the group is Dr. James Todaro, who received his medical degree from Columbia University, was one of the founders of the group. He is more famously known for having exposed the fraudulent studies on hydroxychloroquine that were published in the Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. The prestigious scientific journals retracted the published studies 15 days later.

See The Lancet Retracts HCQ Study

Dr. Todaro, author of “An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus” and “A Study Out of Thin Air”, just tweeted that the groups website was just taken down by Squarespace.

Squarespace claims that they took the site down because it broke their terms of service by spreading misinformation.

In response to the video, The Daily Beast also published a hit piece on one of the doctors who appears in the viral video. Dr. Stella Immanuel, stated in the video that she has treated over 350 patients with HCQ, all of whom have recovered from the virus. She also noted that she and her staff are using the drug to prevent infection by the virus while they work on patients. She adamantly believes that:

“Nobody has to die!”

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