Trump Administration Announces Termination of Mark Esper As Defense Secretary

Amid rumors of several firings to be coming in the next few days, one has hit. The Trump administration has announced the termination of Defense Secretary Mark Esper. President Trump announce the decision in a tweet.

Expecting the news, Esper was reportedly writing a resignation letter to the Trump administration. Esper had fallen out of favor with the President over the summer when he disagreed with Trump on sending active-duty troops to combat racial injustice protests spurred by the death of George Floyd. 

Tucker Carlson said of the issue,

When the military becomes an independent political force…it’s over…democracy dies.

Compare this address to the nation that President George H.W. Bush gave during the Rodney King riots to anything you have heard coming out of Secretary Esper’s mouth.

The U.S. Army 7th Infantry? Active duty U.S. Marines? If Trump had given this address, Esper would have mutinied and the press would call for civil war….so what changed?

Trump has appointed Christopher C. Miller to replace Esper as Secretary of Defense.

Additional purges of top national security, law enforcement, and public health officials are expected in the coming days.

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