Mayor Of Washington Town Calls BLM “Domestic Terrorists” After Vandalism


The democrat mayor of Olympia Washington, Cheryl Selby, was in full support of the Black Lives Matter protests that took over much of the country shortly after the death of George Floyd. But once the damage done by rioters and looters impacted her personally, she had a quick change of heart.

According to local reports two groups of rioters made their way through Olympia, breaking windows, burning flags and spraying homes and businesses with graffiti as they made their way towards Selby’s home.

Once they arrived to her home the group, dressed in all black, chanted “abolish the police,” The violent protesters then attacked her home, leaving the front door and porch covered in spray-painted graffiti. It made no difference that her house was decorated with a rainbow flag in celebration of Pride month and a BLM sign in the window. The mayor and her family were not home at the time so no one was injured during the incident.

Selby told the The Olympian:

I’m really trying to process this… It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.

The mayor has been targeted by rioters before and is worried for her neighbors who have young children and now worry that rioters will continue to visit the neighborhood.

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