Ghislaine Maxwell Enters Not Guilty Plea in Sex Trafficking Case


Ghislaine Maxwell, the now notorious accomplice to Jeffery Epstein, appeared in court today where she entered a plea of not guilty to charges of sex trafficking. Maxwell appeared in court by video link when she entered her plea.

Maxwell, 58, has been held without bail since being arrested on July 2 at a million-dollar New Hampshire hideaway she had recently purchased. Prosecutors stated that she refused to open the door for FBI agents, which was then broken open. Maxwell ran from the officers and was found in an interior room, with a foil-wrapped cell phone, prepared to avoid detection. So far no bail has been set and she remains behind bars .

Maxwell’s charges include the recruitment of at least three girls, one of which was 14, for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 1997. The indictment against her alleged that she helped groom Epstein’s victims to withstand sexual abuse and was present during the abuse on numerous occasions. She is also accused of lying to the court in a 2016 civil case against Epstein.

Maxwell’s attorney’s argued in court that the death of Epstein has left the court and the public trying to find a ‘substitute’ villian in the case. They state she has had no contact with Epstein for over 10 years, has always denied involvement in his dealings and has never been accused or convicted of any crime. Her attorney’s recommended a $5 million bail be set, claiming she is not a flight risk. However, prosecutors do not agree, citing that Maxwell has multiple passports, at least five bank accounts and numerous international contacts who have already helped her to remain out of the spotlight since Epstein’s arrest.

Her trial is set to begin July 12th, 2021.

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